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ThL 5000 Smartphone MTK6592T 2.0GHz 5.0 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass 5000mAh 2GB 16GB ThL 5000 Smartphone MTK6592T 2.0GHz 5.0 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass 5000mAh 2GB 16GB2015-05-05: Time l.. Category: Anvils Product #: ThL 5000 5 stars, based on 5 reviews Regular price: $239.99 $$239.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition Out Of Stock
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ThL 5000 Smartphone MTK6592T 2.0GHz 5.0 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass 5000mAh 2GB 16GB

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( lee, 18/03/2016 ) Q: when trying to install settings from my phone operator my thl 5000 askes for a pin is there a factory default ?
( 30/11/-0001 ) A: Not answered yet.
( John, 23/10/2015 ) Q:

When will the THL 5000 in black be back in stock please.

( 27/10/2015 ) A:

Hi, it will no longer available again :(

Maybe you can consider to buy the model 4400? which has same outlook, the model 4400 link is:



( SAID ABDALEEN, 03/10/2015 ) Q:

dear sir , what's the purpose of reset button in thl 5000 phone.. how to use the red color reset button. how to restart after pressing reset button.

( 09/10/2015 ) A:

Hi, the red reset button is for cut battery power only....for example, if your phone is "dead" (no response), then you can press the reset button (like you remove the battery and put the battery back again.)....then you can press the power on/off button again to turn on your phone. Thanks.

( abdelghany, 23/06/2015 ) Q:

how much does it cost in egypt total cost plus ship

( 23/06/2015 ) A:

Hi, the price is US$219.99, free shipping.

you can convert the currency on this site:



( juan jose, 07/05/2015 ) Q:

Could I use this phone in Argentina?

( 08/05/2015 ) A:

Hi, i checked, and see in Argentina the frequency is:

2G 1900 850 3G 850/1900 Claro, Movistar

And the phone support frequency is:

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz

So, the 2G will work perfectly, but the 3G will only work on frequency 850, but not work the 1900....and you need to check with your carrier whether this phone will work. 


( TegMiles, 29/04/2015 ) Q:

Hi, you will make a discount in this mobile, the new mobile (thl 2015) is cheaper than this one, and I want this mobile, but is a little high up my budget.

( 05/05/2015 ) A:

Hi, good news for you! We have a time limited offer now for this model, only US$219.99 ! Thanks.

( Udo, 18/03/2015 ) Q:

The THL5000 camera can capture RAW images via the sony sensor. Can you please refer me to the specification of the RAW format used? I can make the camera save the RAW data, but no application I use can decode it. Hopefully you can forward this question to your engineering team. Thanks for your answer Udo

( 19/03/2015 ) A:

Hi, sorry i do not understand quite well, and i tried to talk with our technician, but they do not understand English nor my explaination :(

( Aniket, 16/02/2015 ) Q:

I want to buy this phone online but not shown buy button shown only add to cart button? how to buy this phone? I want to know cash on delivery option is available in u r site? I want to know price in rupees to THL 5000 smartphone?

( 02/03/2015 ) A:


The steps to buy on our store:

1. add to cart.

2. go to shopping cart, and click "checkout".

3. checkout the order step by step on the checkout page.

COD (Cash on delivery) is not acceptable, sorry. If you want to know the price ruppees, please convert on site www.xe.com/ucc, thanks.

( Johnson, 16/01/2015 ) Q:

Respected sir /Mam, Can we update thl5000 device 4.4 Kitkat to 5.0 Lollipop in future?

( 21/01/2015 ) A:

It's not sure. but more likely no. If the update will be available, we will update the download link on our store download tag. thanks.

( D Fermie, 13/01/2015 ) Q:

Hello I see you offer Free Gift: 1 x leather case; 1 x screen protector; 1 x protective case Is this leather case the flip case ?

( 19/01/2015 ) A:

Hello, sorry for my late reply. Yes, it is the leather flip cover. thanks.

( Johnson, 05/01/2015 ) Q:

respected sir / mam, first of all thank you for replay my mail / questions. you replay that this device (thl 5000) does not support hindi language but in your official web site (www.thlphone.com) show in language section that is mention support Hindi language. i attach print screen with this query http://postimg.org/image/c8n0pfq8j/

( 06/01/2015 ) A:

Oh, yes, it supports Hindi langauge! The language shows in Hindi,so i did not recognize it.

Thank you!

( Johnson , 04/01/2015 ) Q:

Respected sir / Mam, I m belongs to India Country. I want buy thl 5000 Device. Please clear my some doubts. First of all this phone (thl 5000) support my country's (India) SIM Cards ? Second doubt is this phone (thl 5000) support Hindi language? Third doubt how many times take for fully Charge this phone (thl 5000) ? Fourth doubt this device (thl 5000) internal memory is 16 gb but how many memory we get or received? In YouTube I saw thl5000 review video, in this video shows we get only 6gb internal memory out of 16gb is it true?

( 05/01/2015 ) A:

Hello, for your information:

1. Yes, it works perfect in India. (this phone support frequency is: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz)

2. Yes, it supports Hindi language. (updated answer on date 2015-01-06)

3. It takes about 8-10 hours to charge the battery to full when the battery is very low.

4. It's not ture, the useful memory is about 9.8GB+3.8GB=13.6GB, (9.8GB is the phone storage, and 3.8GB is the internal storage), please refer to below photo i took:

thl 5000 usable storage

Thank you.

( PPPStores, 06/12/2014 ) Q:

Please can we expect to have the production of a higher version to your THL 5000 with ROM of 32gb? Thank you for your quick response.

( 07/12/2014 ) A:

Hello, sorry we do not have such a plan now. but you can extend the memory by add Micro SD card? Thanks.

( ROY, 05/12/2014 ) Q:

Please do you accept MASTERCARD credit card for making PAYMENT? Thank you. Roy.

( 05/12/2014 ) A:

Yes we do, but need pay through PayPal (can pay with credit card without a paypal account.) Thanks.

( Chris, 03/12/2014 ) Q:

If I am buying 3 pieces of THL5000, what will they cost to ship to NIGERIA by DHL?

( 04/12/2014 ) A:

Total shipping cost for 3 units to Nigeria by DHL is $49.00.  by the way, you can estimate the shipping cost on "view cart" page (after you add the product to the cart.) Thanks.

( Chris, 02/12/2014 ) Q:

Please do you ship this phone to NIGERIA? If YES, what is the cost of shipment by DHL? Also, what are the FREE ITEMS/ACCESSORIES that you will supply with the phone when bought? Thank you. Chris.

( 02/12/2014 ) A:

Hello, yes, we ship to Nigeria by DHL, and the cost is $32.00 extra. the free gifts are: 1 x leather case; 1 x screen protector; 1 x protective case. Thanks.

( Avi, 16/11/2014 ) Q:

I want to buy this phone. Is this phone support available network operator in India? if yes, what is price including shipping charge?

( 18/11/2014 ) A:

Hello, yes, it works perfectly in India. This model support frequency is: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz

And India carrier's frequency you can refer to this link:


The price for this model now is $246.00, include shipping cost. (Free shipping by registered postal airmail.)


( Lucas, 01/11/2014 ) Q:

Hello, I bought this phone and my main problem is with GPS and poor wifi. is there a fix for this? I read in another thl store that there's a firmware fix, but couldn't find one. Could you help me please? thank you :)

( 04/11/2014 ) A:

Hello, sorry for my late reply. The latest firmware/ROM download link is:


You can try flash the lastest firmware, and see whether can solve the problem.


( Elchin Nagiyev, 21/10/2014 ) Q:

Can you ship it to Azerbaijan?

( 21/10/2014 ) A:

Yes, we can. we ship worldwide. We have include your country to the shipping list, please check it. Thanks.

( Papi, 30/09/2014 ) Q:

WCDMA 900/2100 Mhz version?

( Arnold, 01/10/2014 ) A:

Hello, sorry but only have 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz version. Thank you.

( Holi, 23/09/2014 ) Q:

The thl5000 with 4g LTE?

( Arnold, 24/09/2014 ) A:

No, sorry, it is not a 4G phone. but only support: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz. Thanks.

( Morndi Eric Maya, 26/08/2014 ) Q:

please do you guys have the Thl 5000 single sim model?

( 26/08/2014 ) A:

No, sorry, only have the dual sim version. but is a problem if you only use one sim of them? Thank you.

( 小麦, 17/08/2014 ) Q:

may i know, can i install MIUI v5 in this phone? if yes, How? thx

( 17/08/2014 ) A:

Hello, sorry i am not sure. but we do not offer support for this kind problem. Hope you can understand. Thank you.

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ThL 5000 Smartphone MTK6592T 2.0GHz 5.0 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass 5000mAh 2GB 16GB


Time limited offer: US$219.99 free shipping!


The white color is stop production now, and only have black color available.


THL 5000 Both black and white color are in stock now! can ship fast!

Free Gift:

1 x flip cover
1 x screen protector

  • THL 5000 Smartphone
  • Android 4.4.2
  • MTK6592T, Cortex A7 octa core
  • 2G RAM + 16G ROM
  • 5.0 inch IPS, OGS technology, Corning Gorilla Glass

thl 5000

Corning Ⅲ Gorilla Glass and High Resolution Display
5.0 inch Corning Ⅲ Gorilla Glass screen, protect your phone from daily damage; see the world through a 1920x1080 resolution screen, nice and wonderful for game playing, video watching, reading, etc
10 points touch design for playing games like Fruit Ninja, Need for Speed, etc

Super Octa Core
MTK6592T, Cortex A7 octa core, up to 2.0GHz, multithread processing, promise a quite fluent and speedy performance: quick boot, fast imaging, quick saving, etc

NFC Wireless Technology
You can touch and go when the equipment storing the ticket or passwords, touch the card reader. On the other hand, it is used for logistics management. Touch and pay, data transmission, download music, pictures to each other and exchange mail list etc.

Large memory
2GB RAM enables multi-tasks operate fluently at the same time; 16GB ROM to save your files like music, pictures, videos, apps, etc. Max 32GB TF card can be extended via the card slot

Latest Android OS
Android 4.4, fast and better compatibility, provides excellent and stable performance , also support the ART runtime, which makes smartphone run more smoothly. There are more surprises tor the latest system

HD camera with easy operation
SONY IMX135 13.0MP camera let you meet a more beautiful world. Auto focus promises easy and convenient operation. Just a simple touch, all wonderful and happy momenta can be saved in the 4096 x 3072 pixels pictures. Also comes with 5.0MP front camera for self-capturing

High power battery & Power bank
5000mAh lithium-ion batteries, long standby time, let you get rid of a boring journey, more convenient. Also can be use as a power bank(output: 5V, 0.5A) via an OTG adapter.
Standby time: 1000 hours
2G talk time: 47 hours
3G browsing Webpage: 13 hours
Wifi browsing Webpage: 11 hours
Music playback time: 125 hours (Headset mode)
Music playback time: 125 hours (Headset mode)
Video playback time: 11.6 hours

Connect external USB devices(OTG)
External USB devices like U-disk, mouse, etc can be connected to the phone via the OTG function. Another easy and convenient way to expand the phone’s storage and read data

Basic Information
Model ThL 5000
Band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Sim Card Dual SIM Card Dual Standby
Service Provide Unlocked
Style Bar
Color Black
Shell Material Plastic, anti-fingerprint
Operate system Android 4.4.2
CPU MTK6592T, Cortex A7 octa core, 2.0GHz; GPU: Mali-450 MP
Display Size 5.0 Inch
Type IPS, Corning III gorilla glass, GFF full lamination
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Support Format
Ringtones Type Polyphonic/MP3
Audio File Format MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
Video File Format 3GP/MPEG4
Image File Format JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/GIF
E-book Format TXT/CHM/DOC/HTML
FM Radio Yes, earphone needed
Earphone Port 3.5mm
Card Extend Support TF card up to 32GB extended
Data Transfer & Connectivity
Data transfer USB/Bluetooth
Mobile internet WAP/WIFI
Camera/Picture Resolution Dual Cameras, Samsung 5.0MP 88°wide-angle front camera; SONY IMX135 13.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus, F2.0 large aperture, Blue Glass flitter; up to 4096 x 3072 pixels, support panorama, multi angle view, live photo, motion track, gesture capture, voice capture, face beauty, smile shot, HDR, full screen caputuring
Language English, Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Catala, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Filipino, French, Hrvatski, IsiZulu, Italiano, kiswahili, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romana, Rumantsch, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Suomi, Svenska, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, India Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Cambodian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese
Phonebook 500
Message SMS/MMS
Input Handwrite/Keypad
GPS Yes, built in, also support A-GPS With EPO assistance to speed up postioning
WIFI Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Gravity Sensor Yes
Multi-Touch Yes, 10 point touch
Dimensions 144.96 x 72.36 x 8.9mm/5.70 x 2.84 x 0.35 inch
Net Weight(Including battery) 165g
Standby Time About 2~3 days
Other Feature 3G, WIFI, GPS, Play Store, FM, Bluetooth, Ebook, Email, Messaging, Wallpapers, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Camera, Tethering & portable hotspot, Wireless display, Float App, Printing, NFC, Hall IC, OTG, Power bank, E-Compass, Gyro sensor, etc
Size 180 x 100 x 60mm/7.09 x 3.974 x 2.36inch
Weight 450g
Accessories 1 x Bulit-in 5000mAh Battery, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x OTG Adaptor , 1 x Charger, 1 x 3.5mm Earphone, 1 x screen protector, 1 x protective case, 1 x leather case, 1 x User Manual

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