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Original LCD Display Screen & Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL 2015 Free shiping Original LCD Display Screen & Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL 2015 Free shipingWarning: .. Category: Anvils Product #: 2015-Screen 5 stars, based on 1 reviews Regular price: $54.99 $$54.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Original LCD Display Screen & Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL 2015 Free shiping

$69.99 $54.99
Availability: In Stock
Product Code: 2015-Screen
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( Thierry, 12/10/2017 ) Q:

Hello ! When will you have this item in stock In black if possible? Thanks for your answer

( 17/10/2017 ) A:

hi, it's available again now, if you still need it, you can buy now. Thanks.

( Stefan, 30/08/2017 ) Q:

Hello, I need a display for the 2015 (white). Is it in stock?

( 02/09/2017 ) A:

Hi, it was out of stock in the past days, but now it's in stock again. If you still need it, you can buy now. Thanks.

( MOnica, 01/06/2017 ) Q:

HELLO HAVE TACTICAL SCREENSHOTS FOR THL 2015? How long is shipping to Spain?

( 01/06/2017 ) A:

Hello, sorry not understand what is "TACTICAL SCREENSHOTS"? The delivery to Spain is about 10-25 days. Thanks.

( John mulligan, 14/01/2017 ) Q:

Do you stock this screen in black?

( 31/03/2017 ) A:

Hello, this screen is in stock again, you can buy now if you still want it....only 3 units available in this world! Thanks.

( povilas, 31/10/2016 ) Q:

Hi, is the LCD still available in stock? In Black color?

( 01/11/2016 ) A:

Hi, yes, it's in stock now, thanks.

( greg, 01/10/2016 ) Q:

Hallo again. I understood the problem with the new touch screen. The connector strip bringing the touch signals to the phone (located in the upper right corner of the screen and marked as 4601A 2014.09.22 LJ) is partially cut out. Do you have at least this connector replacement to send to me? I am really willing to have my THL2015 back in operation. Many thanks in advance. Greg

( 01/10/2016 ) A:

Hi, sorry for my late reply. Can you please take a photo of that part, and email to us: [email protected], and we will check the stock availability. Thanks.

P.S. it's holiday here now (China National Day), and we will only able to check the stock after the holiday.

( greg, 30/09/2016 ) Q: Hallo again I am sorry to bother you. I just would like to know if you have any suggestion to solve my problem. As I privately write to you, the new touch screen is only active in the bottom half of the display. So that I have no access to most of the phone features (notifications, applications, settings..). Is there anything that I can try to do (like cleaning or else) to get the new touchscreen fully working (ant not only the bottom part)? Sorry again but I would like to have my THL2015 (that I like a lot) back in operation. Thanks in a lot.
( 30/11/-0001 ) A: Not answered yet.
( stefano pirastu, 26/09/2016 ) Q:

How much I have to wait for it? I mean when it will be available again? thanks

( 26/09/2016 ) A:

Hi, it's not sured. When it's available again, i can email to let you know it. Thanks.

( Ben, 05/09/2016 ) Q:

I'm trying to order the replacement screen but I can't select a color, so it always says "you have to select a color", I read that only black is available, please understand that there is no selection bar, so I can't select "black" and the website won't allow me to continue with my order!

( 08/09/2016 ) A:

Hi, the problem has been solved. but the color in stock is white, not black. only have white color in stock. THANKS!

( Piet Giesen, 10/06/2016 ) Q:

I found on the list :Original LCD Display screen andtoutch screen assembly replacement for THL2015. I need such pieces. I did not find a black one only a color white and I need black.

( 11/06/2016 ) A:

Hi, sorry that the black color is out of stock now, only have the white color in stock at this time. the black and white are compatible, only color difference. Thanks.

( Alexei Kuzmenko, 08/06/2016 ) Q:

I need black. Since my phone thl 2015 black.

( 09/06/2016 ) A:

A black phone with white touch screen, i think is not bad :D

( Alexey Kuzmenko, 04/06/2016 ) Q:

Please inform me when can appear LCD Display Screen & Touch Screen For THL 2015 (Black)

( 08/06/2016 ) A:

Hi, the black screen of model 2015 may no longer available again. but only have white color now. Thanks

( Alexey Kuzmenko, 20/04/2016 ) Q:

I can`t enter the display color. how do I select it

( 21/04/2016 ) A:

Hello, good news! the 2015 screen is in stock again! but only have white color at this moment, if you still want it, you can buy it. Thanks!

( greg pietropaolo, 04/04/2016 ) Q:

Unfortunately the screen of my THL 2015 is broken and I would urgently need a replacement. When will you have it on stock again? Thanks in advance for your reply.

( 04/04/2016 ) A:

Hi, sorry the 2015 screen is out of stock now, and may no longer available again :(

Maybe you can search on Google, to see whether someone else have it in stock.


( James Saliba, 10/12/2015 ) Q:

Hi, is lcd touch screen BLACK for THL2015 available please. thanks, James.

( 18/12/2015 ) A:

Hi, sorry the black color is out of stock now, and only have white color in stock. Thanks.

( Mário mota, 14/09/2015 ) Q:

how many days takes the fastest way to come to portugal??

( 14/09/2015 ) A:

Hi, by default, the price is free shipping by registered postal airmail, and deliver time is about 10-30 days. If you need it urgent, then you can choose shipping by DHL express, which delivery time is about 3-7 days only. But you need pay extra for DHL service. Thanks.

( Chris, 28/08/2015 ) Q:

Hi there, Do you provide any instructions on how to fit this part? Thanks Chris

( 29/08/2015 ) A:

Hi, sorry we do not have instruction on how to replace the screen. but we suggest you ask someone technician to do it for you. Thanks.

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Original LCD Display Screen & Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL 2015 Free shiping


This screen is for model THL 2015, NOT for THL 2015A, if you want buy screen for THL 2015A, please buy from this link:



Note:THL 2015's screen is OGS screen. So the touch screen and the Lcd screen are together and can't separate them. So if your touch screen or LCD screen broken you have to change the two of them.

1. 100% Brand New original high quality LCD Display Screen + touch screen for THL 2015 smartphone.
2. Replace your faulty, broken or cracked screen.
3. Scratch or broke your LCD Display Screen? Get a replacement, or an extra to keep on hand.
4. Each goods is tested before shipping.

5. Color: Black/White

thl 2015 screen

lcd and touch screen for thl 2015

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