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THL OCTA-CORE smartphone T100S WIFI signal is weak?

in THL mobile Review on January 21, 2014 . 11 Comments.

Hello, everybody, Are you looking forward to getting one of the latest china brand mobile THL OCTA-CORE smartphone T100S, yep, i need to congratulate you that you are lucky to see this exciting news.

Yesterday we had got the first batch of this super excellent phone in stock, but as you know as the newest model,the quantity is very very narrow,so i would like to remind you to hold on time right now.

Ok,a most important issue about WIFI signal i want to tell you.when you put battery into host and start up.then turn on the WIFI,you will find a problem the WIFI signal is so terrible even through your phone is extra near with your router.HeHe,take easy,dont be worried, A secret method i will tell you to solve the problem:just put the rear cover with your phone, a amazing scene appears,the WIFI signal turns into so strongly at once.

Maybe you want to ask me why.the machanism is so easy,Because there is a antenna on the rear cover,so the wifi-module signal receives ability will change strongly,ok that is all.

In a word,i hope this short article can help you to use easily and get a better experience with this mobile phone.

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