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in News on February 14, 2014 .

People want smartphones with bigger screens without actually increasing its physical size, so manufacturers minimise the bezel that surrounds the display. A new chart by somospostpc quantifies this trend by charting how much of a phone’s surface is actually the screen.


The chart is based on the percentage of the smartphone’s surface that is the display and not the bezel. The iPhone 5s’ screen occupies 60.6 percent, the iPhone 5c screen occupies 59.7 percent while the older iPhone 4s’ display takes up 54 percent.


Android phones, especially ones with a huge screen, fare much better with the LG G2 at 75.7 percent, the...

When you but a smartphone, the storage listed isn’t what you actually get. The operating system has to be fitted in, so you end up with less. That’s pretty common knowledge, but who does it best? Who is giving you the most storage? The Android world might lag behind the entry level iPhone, but the hero device we all crave isn’t far behind.

A study was conducted by UK site Which, posing the question of which current smartphone has the most storage when you get it in-hand. Out of the box, nothing loaded or added, who gives you the most available memory on your 16GB device? As mentioned, the iPhone 5C is the winner, giving you...

in News on February 14, 2014 .

Good news, our new model W200S will available on 20th this month.

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