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how to write imei number for my thl phone

on January 09, 2017 . 3 Comments.

Run the app "Phone", on the dial pad,
type 【*#IMEI01#6666#】to write the first IMEI and the second IMEI(IMEI01=IMEI02).
type 【*#IMEI02#7777#】to change the second IMEI.
For example, type *#123451234500001#6666# to write "123451234500001" as the first IMEI and the second IMEI, type *#123451234500002#7777# to change the second IMEI to 123451234500002.
Note that the new IMEIs written via this method will take effect after rebooting the device, and it will be lost after doing “Factory data reset” or firmware upgrading.

1. For dual sim mobile phone, there are 2 imei numbers.
2. Please replace "imei01" and "imei02" with the IMEI numbers you want to write. (You can find the original imei number from the phone back side, on the battery sticker or under the battery.)
3. The IMEI number has 15 digits.
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