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Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 SmartphoneOriginal Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone .. Category: Anvils Product #: THL 5000 battery 5 stars, based on 1 reviews Regular price: $19.99 $$19.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone

$29.99 $19.99
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( greg, 29/09/2017 ) Q:

hi, can i replace the 4400 battery i thl4400 with 5000mah battery of thl5000, it is the possible? Do you ship to greece?

( 03/10/2017 ) A:

hi, the 4400 and 5000 battery are compatible each other, but we are not able to ship to Greece at this moment. still waiting news from shipping company. thanks.

( fritz, 26/06/2017 ) Q:

how to buy thl t5000 battery.. im here in philippines.. reply asap

( 27/06/2017 ) A:

hi, you can buy directly from our online store, and we will ship. Thanks.

( Jörg Mertens, 25/03/2017 ) Q:

Hello THL Team. I need a original battery for THL5000. You send to Germany?

( 27/03/2017 ) A:

hi, sorry we cannt ship to Germany. Thanks.

( Luis, 29/11/2016 ) Q:

Hi THL Team. I need a original THL 5000 Akku. You send to Germany?

( 30/11/2016 ) A:

Hi, do you mean the 5000 battery? yes, we can ship to Germany now. you can buy. Thanks

( Bill theodosiou, 02/05/2016 ) Q:

hello .. I would like to make me a better price for 5000 battery and loudspeaker together with the antenna ...

( 03/05/2016 ) A:

Hi, can you please tell me which country are you from? You can reply to this email directly. Thanks.

( Yılmaz Ordu, 11/04/2016 ) Q:

I ordered the product is shipped and when it reaches my hand.

( 11/04/2016 ) A:

Hi, thanks for the order and message. but sorry that we are not able to ship to Turkey at this time...we will cancel your order and make a full refund to you. Sorry!

( Demetris, 28/12/2015 ) Q:

You can ship battery for thl 5000 in cyprus?

( 28/12/2015 ) A:

Hi, yes, we can. Thanks.

( Marc, 07/09/2015 ) Q:

Hello I ordered a thl 5000 last year on chinamobile.com. now, there is a problem with my accumulator in it. I cant recharge it. I dont know why! in any case i need a new one. On european sites i could not find it. Is there e la possibility to order one to switzerland? I would be happy if you can reply as soon as possible! Best Regards Marc Bernold

( 07/09/2015 ) A:

Hello, you can buy the 5000 battery from this link:


But, before you buy, it's better to make sure it is the battery problem. If so, you can buy it, and get your phone repaired in your local. that's the best solution.


( LeNacho, 18/08/2015 ) Q:

Will this battery be available in future?

( 18/08/2015 ) A:

Hi, thanks for your attention. This battery is in stock now, you can buy it now, thanks.

( Denis, 03/08/2015 ) Q:

Hello! I have a good battery but broken battery wire, can you send me only wire with battery controller? Thanks.

( 04/08/2015 ) A:

Hi, sorry we do not sell the wire only, please buy the whole battery. Thanks.

( Vladimir Tokarev, 27/05/2015 ) Q:

Hello! Can we ship to Kazakhstan ?

( 27/05/2015 ) A:

Hi, yes, we can ship...i see you have placed the order, yes? Thank you.

( robert, 06/05/2015 ) Q:

Hello , I saw answer before that you sell original lion type battery , at my thl 5000 it says polymer battery , why your battery is lion if its original???Thank you.

( 07/05/2015 ) A:

Hi, i am not sure, but i checked with our technician, he said it is lion battery, i searched on web, maybe should call "polymer lion battery"? (Our technician does not speak English!).

By the way, where did you see the battery marked "polymer"?

But i can 100% sure our battery is original, because it's from THL factory warehouse! And we only sell THL items.


( sam, 03/05/2015 ) Q:

Hello , 1 question , this is polymer or lion type battery? Thanks.

( 05/05/2015 ) A:

Hello, it is lion battery. thanks.

( leo, 03/05/2015 ) Q:

Hello , Do you ship to israel ? Thanks.

( 04/05/2015 ) A:

Hi, yes, we ship worldwide. Thanks.

( Bert, 29/04/2015 ) Q:

Hello Thl , Is this absolutly real original THL5000 battery ? I ordered a '100 % original ' battery from someone else and after 1 month it almost exploded ........The text on the replacement battery was also very different ... Do you send to Holland ? Greeting , Bert

( 29/04/2015 ) A:


1. I am not sure whether the battery you bought from others is original or not. It's hard to say, maybe you can send me a photo, and i can check for you.

2. The battery we sell is sure original THL, because we are directly belongs to THL factory and we only sell THL products.

3. We can ship to Holand. But if you buy now, we only able to ship after the holiday here. (Holiday from 2015-5-1 to 2015-5-3, and back to work on 2015-5-4).


( Peter, 10/04/2015 ) Q:

When fo you think you will have new stock of the THL 5000 battery?

( 12/04/2015 ) A:

Hi, actually it's in stock, but we are not able to ship the pure battery shipment at this time. sorry.

( Sebastian, 29/03/2015 ) Q:

Hello, Can you ship to Germany? I see other countries from the EU... Kind regards, Sebastian Fisch

( 30/03/2015 ) A:

hi, sorry we cannt ship to Germany. thanks.

( Ethan Steiner , 27/12/2014 ) Q:

Hi can this ship to new Zealand?

( 28/12/2014 ) A:

Sorry, we cannot ship to New Zealand for the battery.

( Roger Mayhew, 06/12/2014 ) Q:

I live in Australia. Is there any way I can get a replacement battery for the ThL 5000 phone? Thank you.

( 07/12/2014 ) A:

Hello, you can buy the battery from us, now we can ship to Australia. Thanks.

( Paul, 30/11/2014 ) Q:

good day sir , what will happen if i remove the thl 5000 battery and replace it on my own? will it break? or bootloop? do you have a tutorial on how to replace the battery step by step to function the phone properly?

( 02/12/2014 ) A:

Hello, sorry that we do not have a tutorial for replace the battery. we suggest you ask help from a technician to replace it. Thanks.

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Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone

Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone

Please note that the battery for model THL 5000 is build-in (like iPhone), you can not exchange battery easily by just remove it (like Samsung and other THL models), but need to screw the screw driver.

Tutorial video for how to replace the THL 5000 battery:


original thl 5000 battery

Original Battery 5000mAh for THL 5000 Smartphone
A nice backup or replacement
5000mAh capacity
Weight: 40g

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