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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T200 Free shiping Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T200 Free shipingNote:THL T20.. Category: Anvils Product #: T200-Screen 5 stars, based on 2 reviews Regular price: $64.99 $$64.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T200 Free shiping

$74.99 $64.99
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Product Code: T200-Screen
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( Ivan, 27/01/2017 ) Q:

When can I buy this display?

( 31/01/2017 ) A:

Hi, sorry we are on holiday at this time, i will check the stock status after the holiday here, and will email to let you know again. Thanks.

( Anil, 09/07/2016 ) Q: 3. In my t200, just the glass is broken (by doppin) & not responding to touch at all places; but the LCD is good. But the proximity sensor is not functioning since long before. Whether by replacing the front panel, will the proximity sensor issue will get solved? If not, then which other part I need to order? Regards, Anil, Mumbai, India
( 30/11/-0001 ) A: Not answered yet.
( Anil, 09/07/2016 ) Q: 1.please add black colour of this Thl T200 touch panel LCD+ digitizer glass into stock, so that I can place order, pay & buy online 2. Pls confirm if the above will be gorilla glass! Regards, Anil Mumbai, India
( 30/11/-0001 ) A: Not answered yet.
( lester, 05/11/2015 ) Q:

I just purchased the T200 screen from you and it works perfectly, thanks for the info regarding the proximity sensor to get it working. To save anyone else some headaches, here are some videos to show you how to take it apart: This one is pretty good, but it misses a few final steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEpm_1CCanQ This one takes you right through taking it apart and back together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWpyyEzTEAg There are eight of these videos he made and it walks you through it and start with this link, number one

( 05/11/2015 ) A:

Thank you very much for the review.

( John, 19/10/2015 ) Q:

Hellow I can t one question screen is new or used

( 19/10/2015 ) A:

Hi, the screen is brand new, not used. Thanks.

( Nico quarto, 14/10/2015 ) Q:

È disponibile il display bianco nuovo del thl t200? Vorrei sapere il costo e tempi di spedizione .

( 17/10/2015 ) A:

, questo è! grazie.

( Marco Zotti, 25/09/2015 ) Q:

Hello again from Marco, Italy ! Thank you for the picture. So I understand that the glass WITH frame is easier to be assembled to the phone, right ? How can I do myself at home ? Have you any tutorial or explanation to disassemble the screen from the phone ? Thanks for your prompt reply, so that I can order tomorrow the glass with frame !

( 27/09/2015 ) A:

Hi, sorry for my late reply. but we did not work the last 2 days. Yes, it's more easy for install if with frame, but sorry we do not have an instruction on how to replace the screen. We suggest you ask help from someone technician, but do not install it yourself if you do not know how to. Thanks.

( MARCO ZOTTI, 24/09/2015 ) Q:

Hello from Italy, I Have a Thl T200 with the broken glass, and I wish to buy a replacement glass. What is the difference about buying the screen WITH or WITHOUT the frame ? What do you mean then with "frame", what is it ? Thank you, Marco

( 24/09/2015 ) A:

Hi, with frame, it is like this:

thl t200 display and touch screen with frame

I think you can understand now. yes?


( Álvaro, 18/08/2015 ) Q:

Yes, a friend of mine is going to be visiting Yiwu for a few days. Does it come with the smooth frame or the other? Smooth frame: http://www.tecnologici.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/thl-t200-lato-dx.jpg other frame: http://cdn02.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/ThL-T200-edge1-710x446.jpg The back cover you sell for the thl t200 is similar to leather like this one: http://cdn02.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/ThL-T200-back-of-in-hand1-710x446.jpg or is it like this: http://www.tecnologici.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/thl-t200-retro-dettaglio.jpg Kind regards, Álvaro

( 19/08/2015 ) A:
Hi Álvaro,
Sorry for my late reply.
The frame has 2 kinds, we call A frame and B frame...
The frame you mentioned is B frame, which we sale now is the smooth version, this one:
The B frame link is:
and this is the A frame:
For the back housing cover, it is this version:
Let me know if you still have doubts. 
( Álvaro , 14/08/2015 ) Q:

Hi. Have you got it in stock? How long could it take to arrive to Yiwu? Thanks.

( 16/08/2015 ) A:

Hi, it's in stock now. Do you mean ship to Yiwu, Zhejiang, China?  If yes, the delivery takes about 2-3 days. Thanks.

( jens buyse, 04/10/2014 ) Q:

Hello ,i bought the t200 awesome phone no doubt but unfortunately i let it slip from my hands an now i got a broken screen ,im going to order the replacement part but im wondering if there is a step by step guide or something ,if there aint one around could you please help me out by making one ,wouldnt want to mess it up Kind regards Jens

( 05/10/2014 ) A:

Hello Jens, thanks for the info. But sorry that we do not have an instruction for how to replace the screen. Maybe you can search on Youtube to find one. But we recommend you find a local repair shop to do the work for you after you buy the screen. Thank you.

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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T200 Free shiping

Note:THL T200's screen is OGS screen.so the touch screen and the Lcd screen are together and can't separate them.so if your touch screen or LCD screen broken you have to change the two of them.

1.100% Brand New high quality LCD Display Screen for cell phone.
2.Replace your faulty, broken or cracked LCD Display Screen.
3.Scratch or broke your LCD Display Screen? Get a replacement, or an extra to keep on hand.
4.Each goods is tested before shipping.

thl t200 screen

thl t200 screen display

T200 Screen with frame:

thl t200 display and touch screen with frame

The T200 and T200C screen difference:

t200 screen vs t200c screen

If your model is T200C, then buy the screen from this link:



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