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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T100S Free shiping Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T100S Free shipingNote:THL T1.. Category: Anvils Product #: T100s-Screen 4 stars, based on 3 reviews Regular price: $59.99 $$59.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T100S Free shiping

$74.99 $59.99
Availability: In Stock
Product Code: T100s-Screen
Product viewed: 12221

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All our products are free shipping by Postal Airmail. If you want a faster delivery, then you can pay extra to choose shipping by DHL.You can estimate the shipping cost on "view cart" page. (For order amount ≤ US$10 or 10€, shipping is by Flat Airmail without tracking number, and for order amount >US$10 or 10€, shipping is by Registered Airmail, tracking number is available.)

( Francisco Gilson Costa , 20/07/2017 ) Q:

e tem essa a pronta entrega?

( 22/07/2017 ) A:

Hi, the default shipping is free shipping by postal airmail, delivery time is about 10-30 days. If you want fast shipping, you can choose shipping by DHL, but you need pay extra for it. Thanks.

( Francisco Gilson Costa , 20/07/2017 ) Q:

Bom dia, eu gostaria de saber como eu identifico esses dígitos para pedir a tela certa. Vocês tem a carcaça desse aparelho? thl t100s, aguardo respostas

( 22/07/2017 ) A:

hi, sorry do not 100% understand you. yes, this screen is for the model THL T100S. and for the case, do you mean protect case?

Now we only have these 2 kinds in stock:





( Peter Bell, 08/10/2016 ) Q: Okay, I found the Linux version of SP_Flash_Tool and, having worked out how to get around the corrupt scatter file problem, have managed to reflash the phone. My problem now is that neither the 'GW' nor the 'GWP' versions of the firmware enable the display. To repeat: The phone will turn on, the backlight lights, the startup jingle plays and the menu/home/back touch pads at the bottom of the screen appear to work (they light up and cause the vibrator to run). The main touch panel appears to have some life - touching the main part of the screen blocks the three bottom buttons from responding. However, there is no display on the LCD. This is the same with either version of the firmware. How can I determine whether the fault lies with the replacement screen or with the main pcb, or somewhere else?
( 30/11/-0001 ) A: Not answered yet.
( Peter Bell, 22/09/2016 ) Q:

My T100S has a 'W' serial number, The replacement screen I've been sent is a version 2. When I power on, the backlight comes on and the startup jingle plays, but there's no image on the screen. I presume that this means I need to flash the version 2 ROM. My question is: How can I flash the ROM when there's no image on screen? If I remember correctly, the phone is rooted - I purchased it from EtoTalk.

( 24/09/2016 ) A:

Hi, you still able to flash the phone, even the lcd not display. If you do not know how to flash, then please ask a technician to do it for you. Thanks.

( Bernhard Derks, 30/10/2015 ) Q:

Is there a manual/tutorial for the replacement process (THL T100S Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen)? Thanks!

( 02/11/2015 ) A:

Sorry we do not have such an instruction. If you do not know how to replace the screen, we suggest you ask help from someone technician. Thanks.

( josh , 31/08/2015 ) Q:

Can you get just the lcd no touch digitizer?

( 31/08/2015 ) A:

Hi, no sorry, this screen is OGS screen, LCD and touch are together and can not be separated. Thanks.

( Al Bundy, 10/07/2015 ) Q:

Is the glass gorilla glass? Do I have to re-install the firmware after replacement?

( 10/07/2015 ) A:

Hi, yes, it is gorilla glass, same with the original screen on this phone. It is no need to re-install the firmware after replacement. But if needed, then we can send you the firmware to you. (We sell a lot this screen, but no one ask for firware yet.)


( Ian, 03/04/2015 ) Q:

How long it usually takes to get the product if you ship it to Philippines??

( 04/04/2015 ) A:

Hello, the free shipping is by Postal airmail, delivery time is usually 10-20 days. thanks.

( Niso Levi, 27/02/2015 ) Q:

where is the place for the discount code you sent me?

( 02/03/2015 ) A:

Please check the email. thanks.

( Samuel Kruk, 29/12/2014 ) Q:

Hi, I want to buy this touch screen for t100s. I'm from Brazil (CEP 85015-250), what it will cost to send to my address? What is the delivery time? The product has delivery guarantee and operation? Thanks.

( 29/12/2014 ) A:

Hello, FYI:

1. We offer free shipping by Post airmail, so the price include the shipping cost.

2. The delivery time to Brazil is more longer than to other countries, usually need 30 days around, sometimes even takes 2 months! (During the worldcup, we had experience that delivery takes 3 months!!!).

3. We know the Brazil customs is very strict, but the screen shipping should have no problem at all, but you need have patience to wait, as i said the delivery time is long!

4. Yes, the product is guaranteed to work, if not, then you can complaint for a refund. thanks.

( Tomáš Grim, 26/09/2014 ) Q:

Hi, is it really display for THL T100s? The picture look different. Thanks Tom.

( 27/09/2014 ) A:

Yes, we have uploaded the wrong image (but now we have correct it.), but it's not a problem for the shipping, when we ship it, we do ship the T100S screen.

Thank you.


I want to buy this screen (Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T100S Free shiping), but for the purposes of customs, Could declaring value of the package less than 50 dollars?

( Arnold, 23/09/2014 ) A:

Sure no problem. Actually we only declare about $25-$30 for the screen. No problem at all. Thanks.

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Original LCD Display Screen+ Touch Screen Assembly Replacement For THL T100S Free shiping

Note:THL T100S's screen is OGS screen.so the touch screen and the Lcd screen are together and can't separate them.so if your touch screen or LCD screen broken you have to change the two of them.

1.100% Brand New high quality LCD Display Screen for cell phone.
2.Replace your faulty, broken or cracked LCD Display Screen.
3.Scratch or broke your LCD Display Screen? Get a replacement, or an extra to keep on hand.
4.Each goods is tested before shipping.

5. Color: Black

original thl t100s screen

(Version 1)

thl t100s lcd and touch screen

(Version 2)

Version 1 and Version 2 are both compatible with model T100S.

If the screen we send to you is not work well for your phone, then please check the screen version problem, if are different version, then please refer to this link:


The frame is this one:


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