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New Original LCD Display Sceen Assembly Replacement For THL 4000, Free Shipping New Original LCD Display Sceen Assembly Replacement For THL 4000, Free ShippingOriginal LCD Display .. Category: Anvils Product #: 4000 LCD Screen 5 stars, based on 1 reviews Regular price: $29.99 $$29.99 Available from: THL Mobile Company Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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New Original LCD Display Sceen Assembly Replacement For THL 4000, Free Shipping

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( Rosie , 15/01/2016 ) Q:

My phones suddenly got a big dark mark almost exactly in the middle of the screen. The touch screen works perfectly even over the mark but it's extremely distracting. It looks like something has pushed digitiser into screen. Is it the screen module I need? I don't want to have to replace phone because I'm really happy with it.. Thanks

( 16/01/2016 ) A:

Hi, in this case, you need to replace the LCD screen. Thanks.

( Eva, 17/11/2015 ) Q:

Hello, thanks for your respond.. My touch is working, everything is working only the display is a little dark because of the oil inside... Is there an option to take off the Touch Screen Panel and washed it? And if i have to buy a LCD Display, do i have to buy a new Touch Screen panel too, or i have use the old one?

( 18/11/2015 ) A:

Hi, you can ask suggestion from your technician whether possible to "clean" the display LCD screen, but maybe not possbile...if so, you only need to replace the display LCD screen, NO NEED to replace the touch screen. Thanks.

( Eva, 13/11/2015 ) Q:

Hello, i had an accident with my THL 4000 :( I split an oil and now it's under the touch i think... i went to a service and they told me that it must be changed the display because it's LCD.... is it going to work if i change it or the phone is already ruined? ...... and now i am abroad i'm not in my country and in the next 3 months i won't be back....

( 16/11/2015 ) A:

Hi, if the problem is the LCD, then it should work after replace it. You can buy the LCD from our store, and get your phone repaired in your local. Thanks.

( Willi, 15/09/2015 ) Q:

Dear all, after my THL 400 felt directly down on the display it does´nt react on any touch. I think displaycable is broken, so I have to change the whole display now. Now I don´t know if this is the right display or is it only the LCD or only the digitizer? Is the display laminated? Can I change the display by myself? Need some help and would be happy about some answers. Thx in advance

( 15/09/2015 ) A:


This item is ONLY the LCD display, not include touch digitizer, the touch screen, you need buy from this link:


And, it's not easy thing to replace the screen, so, we suggest you ask someone technician to replace it for you. Or, you can also consider to return the phone to us for a repair. and we will only charge you the screen cost, no additional repair fee, but you also need to pay the return shipping cost too. (2 shipping costs: from your country to China, and from China to your country, from China to your country cost is $5.00 only. )


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New Original LCD Display Sceen Assembly Replacement For THL 4000, Free Shipping

Original LCD Display Screen Assembly Replacement For THL 4000


1. No instructions are provided for this listing.
2. This is not an easy job for someone who has no experience at all. We suggest you to ask help from your local technician for replacement, if you have no experience at all.
3. We will not be responsible for any damages to your mobile phone that you may cause during the changing of replacement parts.


1.Compatible Models:For THL 4000
2.Comes with pretective plastic bag and safe packing
3.Tested before shipping and 100% working well.
4.We offer after-sale service for this listing.

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